I’m passionate about servant leadership and I strive to improve the lives of those around me and abroad through my experience. I am a Civil Engineer who focuses on developing the environment around me to serve our communities and our clients. The field of Land Development often seems fraught with legalities and complex design limitations, but with a skilled consultant, it can be a frictionless process.

I come from a family of engineers and designers; as a kid I was surrounded by structural blueprints, T-squares, and triangles as my father brought them home from work. I later served in the US Army on two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as a Fire Support NCO — my passion for development sparked while working alongside engineers from the State Department and USAID to build schools, mosques, roads, and watershed improvements where none existed before.

I’m a proud alumnus of the University of Houston where I completed my senior year as Student Body President of over 43,000 enrolled students. As humbled as I was to walk the Hindu Kush as a soldier just years prior, I never imagined what humility could come from advocating for such a diverse group of folks (second most diverse in the country, to be exact).

Simply put, service comes naturally to me, and I’m sure I can find a way to put my experience to work for you. I am proud to be a Civil Project Manager with LJA Engineering in Houston and if you are looking for innovative and diligent consultant services within Houston and the State of Texas, I encourage you to reach out to me at stheriotsmith@lja.com.

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