Shaun Theriot-Smith

Civil Engineer (EIT), Leader, Veteran, Public Servant, Husband, Father

Proud to be graduating this week

Enjoying the last week of our undergraduate career as we accept our Hard Hats and degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Cullen College of Engineering -- Go Coogs!

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Building Setbacks in Houston: Avoid Expensive Assumptions.

Building lines are used by the City of Houston, and other jurisdictions, to establish guidelines on how far a structure must be "set back" from the property line. How can you be sure the development you have in mind will not conflict with Houston's wildly variant building line standards? I outline the basic standards and common variances.

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The BIM of Infrastructure: Adding Lifecycle Value

In the building design and construction world Building Information Modelling, or BIM, has become a way for engineers to provide value to an Owner or Owner-Operator of a building throughout its entire lifecycle. But what about infrastructure? Are your Civil Designers giving you an advantage over your peers?

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