Shaun Theriot-Smith

Civil Engineer (EIT), Leader, Veteran, Public Servant, Husband, Father

Remove your property from the FEMA floodplain (LOMA/LOMR)

Are you interested in removing your property from the floodplain or need to determine your property’s flood risk? Many properties are at a distinct risk of flooding during major rainfall events; let's take a look at how to know if your property is in a flood hazard area and ways to remedy it.

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Storm Water Quality Management in the City of Houston (SWPPP & SWQMP)

Navigating storm water quality regulations in Houston can often be a nebulous process, especially when you are juggling other permitting requirements simultaneously. The City of Houston and Harris County hold a developer and their designers responsible for the stormwater that leaves a private site. These agencies are often primarily concerned with the quantity or volume of the stormwater discharge, but they also expect a certain quality or characteristic of the water that enters into the MS4, or municipal separate storm sewer system. Enter Storm Water Quality (SWQ) guidelines.

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Can We Fix Houston’s Flooding Problem?

Hurricane Harvey has brought a destructive intensity and distribution of rainfall that has highlighted, again, the Achilles heel of our metropolis's infrastructure: a lack of development oversight and facilities to protect the integrity of our communities. It has, however, reminded us of our strengths -- the ever-present tenacity and grit that our citizens possess and their endless capacity to galvanize in the face of adversity.

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Proud to be Appointed to the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District Board of Directors

Deeply humbled to announce that I have been appointed by City of Houston's Mayor Turner to serve on the Harris - Galveston Subsidence District Board of Directors to advocate for the residents of Houston in the monitoring and regulation of groundwater withdrawal.

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Engineers Week 2017 — Building Communities Overseas

February 19th through 25th is Engineers Week 2017! E-week is a multi-discipline engineering and STEM career-focused event to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world and to illuminate our profession to youth. Many of my colleagues are sharing their story this week so I thought I would highlight my own professional narrative and passion for engineering and public service.

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